Fundraising Ideas: for Your Supporters


Want to give your supporters some fundraising ideas to help them on their way? Here are some suggestions.

  1. Do you love running or swimming in large public events and fundraising for your favourite charity? Check out the events here to get started!
  2. Host a dinner party! Ask your friends and family to each contribute their favourite dish at your dinner party, with everyone donating to your supporter page to take part. At the end of the evening have everyone vote and then present the winner with a token gesture (a toy medal or printed certificate for example).
  3. Hold a sausage sizzle, car wash, trivia night or talent quest!
  4. Do you know a lot of busy people who are always complaining about never having time to get things done? Offer to run their errands for a small fee towards your fundraising!
  5. Put on a garage sale to get rid of all those unwanted items whilst at the same time raising money for your cause.
  6. Place a swear jar at home. Pretty self explanatory
  7. Offer your dog walking services! Charge $5 or $10 to walk your neighborhood pooches!
  8. Who doesn’t love receiving a hug! Offer hugs in your local shopping centre on a busy Saturday afternoon in return for a small donation (or if they don’t want a hug, hand out chocolates, the next best thing.)
  9. Give up something for the day. Use your phone too much? Spend hours on Facebook? Reckon you could be quiet for a whole day? Ask your work or class mates to join you as well to help raise even more money!
  10. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to give up your beloved past time for a day or a week.
  11. If you are giving up an activity you normally did (like drinking beer in a pub or buying lunch) then make sure you choose another fun activity to do to take your mind off it! Taking up an exercise is a great way to fend off any negative thoughts.
  12. Do you go to school with people who enjoy eating cake? GREAT! With permission from your teachers simply ask a few of your friends (or friends parents) to help you bake up some cupcakes to take into school to sell to increase the amount of dollars on your supporter page.
  13. Play your favourite sport AND raise money for your chosen charity. Hosting a mini sports tournament is a great way to receive donations by just charging a small fee to take part as well as giving everyone a really fun day!
  14. Does your school often put on concerts or plays? Why not ask if you can charge an entrance fee to support your cause, or even serve drinks in the interval with all profits to go to your supporter page?
  15. Ask your school if you can have a ‘Non uniform day! In return for a small contribution to your supporter page all your classmates get to wear their own clothes to school.
  16. Don’t forget to set up your everydayhero supporter page before the event to ensure your donors have a safe, simple way to donate – click here to get started!
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