Nonprofit Team Creation Guide for the Los Angeles Marathon


1. Create a supporter account in the Los Angeles Marathon

  • Create an everydayhero supporter account on the Los Angeles Marathon sign up screen.
  • At the sign up screen, create an everydayhero account (different than your nonprofit admin account).


2. Create an online fundraising page

  • Fill in your information to create a new online fundraising page. 
  • Search for and select your nonprofit when prompted.

3.  Create your team

  • You've just created an online fundraising page.
  • On the right hand side of the page, now select 'Create new team.'

  • Choose a suitable name for your team.

4. Personalize the team page

  • Click 'Edit this team page'
  • Personalize the team page with the following information
    • Goal ($): your donation target you would collectively like the team to raise.
    • Story: Information about your cause and how meeting your fundraising goal will help.
    • Team page photo: Upload your nonprofit logo.

5. Invite team members

  • From your team page, click on 'Invite Members'. This will let you add fundraisers to your team.
  • Add their email address and a personalized message.
  • They will receive an email with a special link to sign up and automatically join your team.

6. Promote your team page

  • Copy your team page URL. 
  • Ask supporters to join your team by giving them your team page URL. 
  • Share the team page URL by social media, email, newsletters.

everydayhero  has  plenty of other resources to help you recruit fundraisers for the Los Angeles Marathon. They include email templates, guides and examples.

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