Los Angeles Marathon sample social media posts to recruit fundraisers


Use these  sample social media posts to assist your recruitment of fundraisers for the Los Angeles Marathon.

  • Post these from all of your social accounts.
  • Use and customize these sample social media posts  to suit your needs.
  • Don't forget to retweet, share and favorite your supporters who are fundraising for you already.
  • Use the event's and your own hashtags in your posts.

Sample social media posts

Do you want to make a difference? Sign up to participate in the Los Angeles Marathon and raise money to help [Nonprofit]. [InsertLink]

We're trying to raise [DollarAmount] to [What the money will be used for]. Want to help? Run and raise for us in the Los Angeles Marathon. [InsertLink]

Join team [Nonprofit] and run for a reason. See how you can run for us in the Los Angeles Marathon here [InsertLink]

Support  [Nonprofit] in the Los Angeles Marathon and give your time, effort and voice to the cause you love #EverythingCounts.  [InsertLink]


everydayhero  has  plenty of other resources to help you recruit fundraisers for the Los Angeles Marathon. They include email templates, guides and examples.

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