Webinar: Showcasing Impact - Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story in a Meaningful Way Using Data


everydayhero partners with events across the country, including the Spartan Race Series. 

This webinar is Part 2 of 6 webinars in our Impactful Insights series designed to dive deeper into aspects of peer-to-peer event fundraising. Stay tuned for our next webinar on showcasing your nonprofit's data to highlight impact. 

How can you showcase the results and outcomes of your peer-to-peer campaigns in a meaningful and understandable way? In this 15-minute webinar, we’ll help you make a definitive case to your board members on the value of peer-to-peer fundraising. We will explain best practices for sharing data with followers on Facebook®, Twitter®, and LinkedIn® using infographics and images. And you will also learn how to create easy-to-digest impact statements for your fundraisers and donors.


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