What Is Donor Cover?


Donor Cover is an option available to donors on everydayhero. The donor can cover any transaction fees, in order to ensure that all of their selected donation amount is received by the chosen charity.

This means that the charity receives 100% of the donor's originally selected donation amount!

Here's how it works:

A checkbox is included on the donation form, giving donors the choice to contribute a little bit extra to cover the transaction fees associated with the donation.


When the box remains checked, the donor will see the gift's total automatically updated-both beside the Donor Cover checkbox and on the confirmation button at the bottom of the donation form.


Once the donation has been processed at the new amount with Donor Cover and any associated transaction fees are calculated, the charity will receive a net donation equivalent to the amount the donor originally selected to give.

To find out more about the fees involved with everydayhero, please click here.

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