What do my Strava activities look like on my fundraising page?


We all know that fundraising isn't just about the money, it's about the time, distance and effort you put in to supporting a cause you love.

We've partnered with Strava to give you the ability to make all your workouts count.

In one click you can now connect your Strava account to your everydayhero fundraising page!

If you do not yet have a Strava account, please create one here!

You have full control over what information is posted to which of your pages and can change these at any time in your account settings.

Once you’ve connected your accounts, every time you log a workout in Strava, your rides will automatically post to your fundraising page's activity feed.

The post will display a map of your route and information about your workout including distance, duration, speed and calories to show just how much effort you’ve put in!

Show everyone just how much you’re actually doing for the charity you love.

Not only will this inspire and motivate others (especially if you’re in a team), but it will also encourage people to give generously to your page when they see just how dedicated you are!


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