Ticket types and options


Depending on your set up, your registration may include one or more of the following ticket types. Here is a quick reference list to help you understand your ticketing options.

Individual Ticket: This provides registration for one individual. If participants are registering multiple people at once, they can purchase multiple tickets.

Family Ticket: This ticket allows for one family member to register themselves plus their other family members. Full details are collected for the primary registrant (the person registering the family) and then minimal details are collected for other members. One supporter page is created at the end under primary registrant’s name. They can then change the name on the page to reflect the family.

Group Ticket: This ticket allows for a single group member to register a number of people. Participants can opt people in or out of getting a supporter page and only minimal details are gathered about additional group members. Every time a group registers they get a team page with the primary registrant as team leader.

Free Tickets: These tickets do not incur a fee for the participant/s registering. Please note Free Tickets will not produce a receipt.

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