Locating registration information in your reports


As your event gets underway, you’ll need to regularly access a few different reports to keep track of revenue, participant numbers and other information.

Participant Numbers

It is important to use your registration reports, to ensure you have the most accurate numbers for participation. While your Heroix reports are a great way to keep track of your participant’s fundraising efforts not all supporters activate their page straight away, so there may be some people who aren’t in your Heroix reports yet. This is also important if you are using family tickets as only one family member will have a supporter page.

Fundraising Data

Your Heroix reports are the recommended reports to use to calculate your fundraising totals during and post event. Use your Fundraiser Detail report to access supporter data, and your Donation Detail report to access donor information.


If you have merchandise included in your registration, information about how much has been purchased is available via your registration reports.

Custom Question Answers

If you have added custom questions to your registration, such as how did you hear about this event, the answers to these will be included in your registration reports.

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