How Do I Create A Team Page In The 40 Hour Famine?


To create a Team in the 40 Hour famine, firstly you must make sure you're registered to participate and have your own fundraising page. Register here if you haven't already.


There are two ways you can create a team page:

> During Registration

If you are the team leader - click to create a team 

If you are a team member - click join a team



Handy Hint: The Team name has to be unique so if it's not available, please try altering the spelling

> Once you have set up your page 

1. Visit your 40 Hour Famine fundraising page and log in by clicking the 'Log in' button in the top right corner

2. Once you are logged in click  Screen_Shot_2018-05-08_at_8.42.02_am.png



3. Once you are in your edit page functions, select Team on the left hand side



4. Click to choose to Create a team


5. Give your team an awesome name and you're done!

Here is your team page: 



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