Using and updating your Charity Profile


What is your charity profile?

Each everydayhero charity partner gets their own Charity Profile on

Your charity profile is the best way to show your supporters all the ways they can fundraise in support of you.

How to find your charity profile

  1. Go to

  2. In the search box in the middle of the screen, type your charity name

  3. Select 'Charities'

  4. Click on your charity's name in the search results.

  5. You're now at your Charity Profile. Look at the URL of that page - copy it and save it for later!


Update your Charity Profile

The information within your Charity Profile can be edited from your charity user account. 

Log in to your account, go to the profile section and update your information.

Log in

Promote your Charity Profile

Now that you have your Charity Profile URL, the next step is to make sure your supporters know about it.

Promote your Charity Profile by:

  • Posting it on all your social networks
  • Adding it to your website's 'Get Involved' page
  • Email it to your charity's supporters
  • Writing an article for your monthly newsletter
  • Put it on business cards, flyers, handouts and posters!

Here are some examples to inspire you (click to enlarge)



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