Setting Up A Custom Thank You Video


When a donor makes a donation to you through everydayhero, you can immediately thank them by displaying a custom thank-you video.

Upload a custom thank you video and make your new donors feel great about giving to you – and wanting to give to you again.

if you don't already have a thank you video, it's easy to create one. It doesn't need to be beautifully produced, or have high production values. Even a simple video will do.

Making a video

Creating your own video is easier than you think. Just follow these steps below to create your own.

  • Write a script for your video.
    Make sure you thank donors for their donation
  • Tell them about your cause and how the money will be used.
    It should only be about 30 seconds long.

  • Film it using your smartphone.
    It doesn't need to be fancy. It just needs to be from the heart.
    Otherwise, look at an online video tool such as Animoto.

  • If you have an celebrity ambassador or high profile supporter, ask them to be involved!

  • Remember to hold your phone in landscape (sideways) orientation when filming, like the below. 

  • When you're happy with your video, upload it to YouTube for free.

Some example videos to inspire you

Here are some example videos that other charities are using to thank their donors. Use these for inspiration when shooting your own!


Upload your video

  1. When your video is uploaded to YouTube, you need to copy the 'embed' code. Here's how:

  2. Next, log in to your charity administration account and click 'Profile'.

  3. Finally, paste the embed code into the Thank You video box
  4. Save the page and you're done!

You can log in to your charity administration account by clicking the button below.

Log in

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