Managing Your Team Page


Creating a Charity Team Page in a Multi Charity Event is a great way to increase your fundraising! You have more people to share the page and its cause, can reach a wider variety of people and can celebrate your efforts as a whole!

Take the time to personalise your team page by clicking on the edit this team page button:


  • Set a goal for your charity team page and don't be afraid to aim high!
  • Add some information about your charity to the Team Story section. Let people know why you are aiming to raise a certain amount and tell them about the great work your charity will be able to continue with that amount.
  • Add a profile picture - this can be anything you like. If you are looking at getting a logo or image designed specifically to use on your team page, the dimensions for the image are 230x230px
  • Share you link far and wide - add it to your newsletters, social media sites and your website. Contact past supporters and donors and encourage them to join or donate.

If you are the team leader - you can invite other people to join your team using "invite members" button, or people can join your team from their own Supporter pages, using the "join an existing team" link on their page.


Once supporters have requested to join your team, you will need to approve them. You will receive an email notification each time someone requests to join your team. Just log into your team page to approve the requests



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