What if I receive cash and other non-card donations?


Collecting donations online via credit card is the easiest way to go. This is done via your individual fundraising page, which you’ll receive the link for when you register online. If you collect cash donations, make sure you hand them in to your teacher or team leader (if you’re not participating with a school) for banking.

Teachers and team leaders – the easiest way for you to process cash donations is to deposit the cash into your bank account and pay the total amount to your team or an individual’s fundraising page using your credit or debit card.

If this isn’t an option, you can donate via cash, cheque or BPAY, but first you’ll need to check our instructions on handling cash and non-credit card donations in the terms and conditions. Please note, cash donations will not be reflected on the leaderboards or individual, school and team fundraising tallies. Only online donations are eligible to go towards the fundraising incentives available for 40HF Backpack Challenge, including digital Challenge Patches and physical prizes. Read the 40HF Backpack Challenge terms and conditions for more information on cash banking and fundraising incentive qualification.

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