What are the different ways people can donate to me?


The easiest way to accept donations is through your Famine profile page.

To see your page, firstly make sure you are registered to participate. 

From here, log in to your everydayhero account and visit your supporter page for the 40 Hour Famine.

Send your donors a link to your page via the blue 'Share' button so that they can donate straight to you!



It’s quick and easy for your donors and they’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt via email (for donations $2 and over).

To donate via Credit Card:

1. Simply click on 'Give Now' on the fundraising page. 




2. Fill out your details in the Donation form and select 'Credit Card' at Option 4.

3. Put in your credit card details and press 'Confirm and Pay'

4. Once the donation has been successfully received by everydayhero, your receipt will be sent straight to your email address!

To donate using Cash, Bpay or Australia Post:

Simply click on 'Give Now' on the fundraising page. 

At Option 4 - Payment Method, choose the Cash or Cheque (BPay or Australia Post) option.


Follow the prompts and select 'Pledge'. You'll be emailed a unique Pledged Donation Payment Form or you can download it from the 'Thank You' screen after the donation has been processed successfully.

Once the donation has been successfully received by everydayhero - either via BPay or Australia Post - a receipt will be issued to the donor via email.

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