How Do I Share Updates To My 7 Bridges Walk Fundraising Page Automatically To Facebook Or Twitter?


We all know that fundraising isn't just about the money, it's about the time, distance and effort you put in to supporting a cause you love.

So why not show your friends and family your dedication to your cause and all the hard work you're doing to support them!

Once you have created your very own fundraising page, you will be able to link your accounts through the "Manage Connections" tab in your Account Settings.

To access your Account Settings, click your name in the top right hand side of the page, and select "Account".

To connect your social network accounts to your everydayhero account, click on "Manage Connections". Here, you can connect or disconnect Facebook or Twitter simply by pressing "Connect/Disconnect".

Once you have done this, return to your fundraising page.

You will notice a tickbox has appeared in the top right of their fundraising page (under your profile picture) to "Remember to Post on Facebook".

Tick this box and you're ready to go!

Your posts automatically post to your fundraising page and shared to your social network!

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