How can I donate using Visa Checkout?


Here at everydayhero we are excited to announce a new way to make all your kind donations, Visa Checkout. 

Visa Checkout works with your existing debit or credit cards across all your devices, no matter where you are and is really simple!

Here's how: 

1. Click on 'Give Now' on the fundraising page you wish to donate to


2. Fill out your details in the Donation form and select 'Visa Checkout' - Option 2.



3. You will see a summary of your donation, confirm your details and click 'Visa Checkout'

4. Either put in your email address to create a new Visa Checkout account or, if you already have an account press 'Sign in'

HANDY HINT: If you already have an account, you will go straight through to the confirmation page and your receipt will be sent to your email address straight away!


5. Fill out the form to confirm your billing address and phone number

6. Confirm your card number and press 'Continue'

7. Congratulations, your donation has been made!

Thank you again for using everydayhero to support your favourite cause :)

Once the donation has been successfully received by everydayhero, your receipt will be sent straight to your email address!

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