Can I Change the Start Time on my e-ticket?



Unfortunately we have already issued these e-tickets so we are unable to change the start time associated with your ticket for you, however, you can still organise this with the Bloody Long Walk event organisers directly.

Please email them at with the following information so that they may help you more with that:

  • Your current start time
  • If your team mates also want to change, please send their names and your team name as well as their current start times
  • If you hope to join someone else in a different start time, please let us know their name and team name
  • The time you would like to start

Please note, there is a limited number of spots in each group. If your preferred time slot is full, you may have to be placed in the closest group available.

Thankyou again for using everydayhero to support a cause you love!

All the best with the Bloody Long Walk, we think what you're doing is awesome!

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