Incentivizing your Participants


Participants may have different reasons for participating in your Eventbrite event, but when it comes down to it, these individuals attend your event because they want to connect with something bigger than themselves, because they want to have a unique and delightful experience, because they want to feel good.

Incentives can be a fun way to incorporate challenge and recognition into their event experience.

This group values:

  • Challenge & Recognition
  • Coaching and tools for success

It’s important to consider what the prizes should be, particularly against each of these phases – also consider cost to potential reach/impact.

  • Donation to the chosen charity – great for those very passionate people
  • Swag – good conversion tool for the participant who has never considered fundraising
  • Free entries to next year’s event
  • Ipads/technology gear, sponsor gifts


Some ideas on how incentives can work in your event, based on what the intended impact should be.

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