Where Can I made changes to my Walk In The Park Merchandise order?


everydayhero specialises in providing software and online fundraising solutions for the Walk In The Park event, so what we may recommend is contacting your local Parkinson's charity who can provide you with the information you are after.

Please forward your email to them directly or get in touch with them via phone for an immediate response.

HANDY HINT: There are a few different charities who take part in this event- please be sure to double check to see which charity you are supporting.


Parkinson's SA Inc:

Email: info@parkinsonssa.org.au

Phone: (08) 8357 8909


Parkinson's Victoria:

Email: info@parkinsons-vic.org.au

Phone: (03) 8809 0400


Parkinson's Western Australia Inc

Email: info@parkinsonswa.org.au

Phone:(08) 9346 7373


Parkinson's Queensland Inc.

Email: pqi@parkinsons-qld.org.au

Phone: (07) 3209 1588


If you have any questions related to your fundraising page specifically or donations you receive, we would be delighted to help you so feel free to Contact Us.

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