How can I access my charity's settlement reports?


With our handy on demand reporting feature, you can create an instant report to view donations made to your charity, donations that have been settled into your nominated account, as well as data on all your supporter pages! 

Click the 'Reporting' tab on the left hand side of your charity dashboard. From here you'll have the option of 3 different reports - Supporter Pages, Donations, and Settlements. 

Supporter Page Report

You have the ability to filter by campaign and time period. There are downloadable CSV and Excel files of this data. 


Donation Report

With on demand donation reports you can filter by campaign and time period. The report you design will generate a CSV file that you can download and view. 



Settlement Report

Settlement reports are generated when donations are deposited into your nominated account. They are available on a weekly basis as funds are raised. 




Remittance Advice shows a PDF of all your donations deposited in that week, as well as the processing fees taken out, and the fees covered by donors using the donor cover feature. 



Transaction Details generate a CSV file of all the data associated with each donation transaction. This includes donor name, donation amount, donation date and a wealth of other useful metrics. 


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