Standard Membership Orientation Guide - New Zealand


If Standard Membership is new to you, or your organisation, follow this orientation guide to learn about everydayhero, your membership, and how to raise money through online peer to peer fundraising.

Fundraising through everydayhero

Your charity profile is the best way to show your supporters all the ways they can fundraise in support of you. How to find your charity profile:

    1. Go to
    2. In the search box in the middle of the screen, type your charity name

    3. Select 'Charities'

 from the left hand side of the search results screen
    4. Click on your charity's name in the search results.

    5. You're now at your Charity Profile. Copy the link in the address bar of your browser or bookmark the page to save it for later!

    6. You can change your Charity Profile text by logging into your everydayhero account.
  • From your Charity Profile, supporters can choose the way they'd like to fundraise for you. It's always up-to-date with the events and opportunities available to your supporters. As a Standard Member, there are two different ways your supporters can fundraise for you.
    1. You can encourage them to participate in one of the major community events partnered with everydayhero. For tips on fundraising in major community events follow our three step guide.
    2. They can undertake their own DIY fundraising activity. For supporters who choose this option, simply direct them to your Charity Profile where they can use the Start Fundraising button to set up a page.
  • It is important to ensure that your supporters know that your organisation is an everydayhero member so that your organisation can maximise the fundraising opportunities presented. Here are our recommendations for advertising your Charity Profile. 
    1. Add it to your website's 'Get Involved' page – use our sample text as a starting point
    2. Include in your Monthly newsletters
    3. Post it on all your social networks.
    4. Email it to your charity's supporters
    5. Put it on business cards, flyers, handouts and posters! 
    6. Add a Facebook Donate Now button
  • Take the time to create a Supporter page by clicking the Start Fundraising button on your Charity Profile page. This is essential in understanding what your supporters will experience. Personalise and blog on your page, promote via direct email, your email signature, website, newsletters and through social media. A great idea is to create a team page and invite your colleagues or volunteers to join you.
  • Choose a major community fundraising event and promote this on your website. The most successful organisations are setting up a team page for these events and inviting their fundraisers to be team members. 
  • Join the everydayhero community.
    1. Visit our Charity Resource Website for product information, and there is an excellent library of Research and Insights.
    2. Attend Everyday Hero webinars and seminars. View upcoming sessions here.
    3. Join our social media community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
    4. Check out the Everyday Hero blog


Strategic approach to fundraising through everydayhero

  • Start by recruiting your supporters. Here are some easy tips:
    1. Approach your existing supporter base, staff, volunteers, schools, local businesses and Facebook community.
    2. Turn all advertising channels into recruitment opportunities – online, social media, print, radio, events.
    3. Use online forms and thank you pages to ask for expressions of interest in fundraising for your cause
    4. If a person is unable, you can create a page for them. Just follow our step by step guide to create a page on behalf of another person.
  • Once you have recruited, it is important to activate your supporters:
    1. Check your Fundraiser Detail Report so you have your fundraisers’ contact details.
    2. Call and email them to show your appreciation. Comment on their chosen activity and ask if they need fundraising tips. Check out our Top Fundraising Tips for ideas
    3. Communicate precisely how their efforts are making a real difference to your mission. 
  • Peer-to-peer  fundraising attracts new donors, who could potentially become future fundraisers or regular givers. Here are a few tips on activating those new donors:
    1. Regularly check your Donation Detail Report and see which donors have opted in to be added to your Mailing List.
    2. Thank your peer-to-peer donors and reference their friend. Remember they donated to their friend, not you directly. 


Administrative tasks to keep your account up to date 



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