How Do I Create An Eventbrite Integration?


1. Create a new fundraising campaign from within your charity account.

2. Sign up for a free Eventbrite account and follow the steps to create a new event.


This will build you you're own registration form and allow you to set ticketing options for all your participants!

3. Once your event is all set up with Eventbrite, you will be taken to your Eventbrite event dashboard.

Here, you will find the everydayhero extension in the Eventbrite extension list.


4. Install the everydayhero App using the "Install App" button on the right hand side of the page.

5. Congratulations! You have successfully installed the everydayhero extension.

6. Select the region your campaign is occurring in.

7. Once you have chosen your region, you will be prompted to connect your existing everydayhero campaign 

8. Now that you have connected your campaign, now enter your campaign ID. To obtain the everydayhero Pro Campaign ID, check out this article!

9. You're all done! Now you will see your campaign right there in front of you!

10. Click ’Confirm’ to enable the integration.

Good news, your campaign is now set up!

Happy Fundraising! 



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