What is eTapestry?


The powerful new data integration between everydayhero and e-Tapestry is specially designed to help you overcome the challenges of limited resources and spend more time on the more important things- like reaching out to your supporters!

Using e-Tapestry, you can import constituent and gift information from everydayhero to update, understand and better manage your eTapestry database. From here, constituent records are updated seamlessly with data from everydayhero. You can find out instantly and automatically, everything you need to know!

That means better data segmentation, more impactful communication and much more productivity for you!

What are the key benefits?

New Donor Acquisition

  • Harness the power of your data by seamlessly bringing it directly into your eTapestry CRM
  • Create meaningful relationships with new and existing donors
  • Boost awareness of your cause
  • Quickly grow your supporter base with newly acquired donors and highly engaged fundraisers
  • Engage with a rich network of donors, giving them a personal, high-impact introduction to your cause
  • Gain access to data from every peer-to-peer campaign you run through everydayhero to sync with eTapestry
  • A 360° view of supporter activity
  • Better ways to nurture donors through personalised communications run automatically out of eTapestry
  • Communicate the real-world impact of donations or close the loop
  • Gather important feedback on the event and understanding their communications preferences

 Save time, Boost Efficiency

  • Access to richer, fully customized data fields based on what information you need
  • See a complete view of your fundraising universe
  • Eliminate time consuming and error prone processes
  • Reduce manual efforts
  • Manage and report on the funds raised with a customized solution, tailored to you
  • Access everydayhero fundraiser and donor information as soon as overnight

The time you’ve saved could be directly devoted to nurturing your fundraisers and helping them exceed their fundraising goals. It’s a win-win!

Maximise your event success

  • Better understand year-on-year growth and key results
  • Measure the success of your events by drilling down campaign specific data
  • Analyze and make improvements for your future event planning
  • Close the loop with your donors and their loyal supporters to drive future success

Seamlessly communicate impact to your donors

Every individual is exposed to hundreds of outbound, ‘interruption’ marketing messages a week. So it is critical to build a fundraising marketing strategy that will attract potential future supporters to you.

The richer the data you store on your fundraisers' donors, the more you can help empower your fundraisers to target those personas through the right kind of content and messaging, helping ensure the success of future peer-to-peer campaigns.

To create compelling content that attracts your target audience, it’s vital to have the fullest picture possible of the kinds of demographics who might feel affinity with your cause, including your peer-to-peer fundraisers’ donors.

So what can I do with the new integration?

  • Monitor opens, click-throughs and maximize conversion tracking you’re your communications
  • Connect with donors on new levels
  • Match donor details with top social media activities
  • Gain insights into how your donors are interacting on their own channels and their sentiment
  • Identify Ambassadors and social media influencers
  • Monitor Social media to better design your content
  • Close the loop with your donors, to keep them feeling motivated to support

And much more!

So, if there’s one thing you do today, make sure you’re arming yourself with the very best tools to boost your fundraising revenue using e-Tapestry.

Want to learn more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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