How do I create a team page for my Unite to Fight Cancer supporter page?


Whether you are completing your event by yourself or with friends, family, or colleagues you will need to have an individual fundraising page.

To create a Team, the team's captain must first create their fundraising page using the activation link received via email after registration.  Follow the steps below to create a Team Page.

  1. Ensure you are logged into your account and viewing your supporter page.
  2. Click on the 'Create a New Team' button on the left side of your page. 


3.  Type in your chosen team name and click 'Create Team'

*  Note:  The team name URL must be unique, so if your team name doesn't work, try spelling it slightly differently.

4.  Invite others to join your team using the orange 'Invite Members' button and entering their email address.


Now you are able to edit your own page as well as the team page because you are the team leader!  The initials of the account holder who is the team leader will show in the profile picture box until a photo is uploaded.  

Keep in mind that donations go directly to individual pages, and will show on the team page as well as increase the team fundraising total.  Posts (pictures and stories) are also added to individual pages and will show on the team page.


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