Do I have to fundraise to participate in Unite to Fight Cancer?


Yes. Peter Mac’s researchers are on the cusp of important treatment breakthroughs, but there are some very significant research funding gaps which, if not filled, will delay or stop their progress. Unite to Fight Cancer has the potential to make a transformational impact in the search for cancer cures. Asking each of our participants to fundraise ensures that, together, our Unite to Fight Cancer community can become game-changers in the future of cancer treatment.  

Every one of your fellow participants will have raised at least $750 to research life-saving treatments for people with cancer. We’ll support you to do the same.

Our team of fundraising experts will help you smash your fundraising goals. You will receive:

  • Regular emails from a fundraising expert with our best fundraising tips
  • A list of 10 great fundraising ideas to get you started
  • A template fundraising email you can use to ask for donations
  • Your own unique online fundraising page, where friends and family can make tax-deductible donations
  • Telephone contact from a fundraising expert so you can talk through any questions



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