MDC: How do I add teams to leaderboards?


If you are participating in the Mother's Day Classic as part of a corporate group you may want to consider creating a customised leaderboard.

You have linked your supporter page to the company team page, however, you may want to run a bit of friendly competition for your company branch or region to see who has raised the most funds. Here is how to do just that! 

Part 1: Create your own Mother's Day Classic supporter page

  1. To get your fundraising page started click here 

Part 2: Add your supporter page to a team page 

  1.  For information on how to create a team page click here 
  2. For information on how to add your supporter page to an existing team click here

Part 3: Creating a Custom Leaderboard

  1. Have your team leader log into their supporter page 
  2. Go to the team page
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of your page to where you can see 'Add to Leaderboard'
  4. Select the New Leaderboard option. This will add the page to your new custom leaderboard and direct you through to your custom leaderboard editing options. Here, you can load a profile picture for the leaderboard, update the name of the leaderboard and write a description.


     4. Now that your leaderboard is created, simply use the Add Pages to Leaderboard option to add other teams to your leaderboard. You can add as many teams as you like!



 5. You now have your very own corporate leaderboard. To visit your leaderboard, simply click on your name in the top right-hand corner & select Leaderboards - Hot Tip: if you cannot see this option you are not logged in. 




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