How to make a donation


To donate via Credit Card or PayPal:

1. Simply click on 'Give Now' on the individual fundraising page you wish to donate to. Please note, you won't be able to make a donation on the Team Page, you can only donate to individuals within the team, however, your donation will be added to the team's tally. 

2. Select the amount you would like to give or enter the amount in Other below


3. Press Next

4. Fill in the name you would like to show on the supporter page


If you would like to remain anonymous please tick the box Anonymous - your name won't show on the page but you will still get a receipt in your name!


5. Press Next

6. Enter your credit card details or select PayPal


7. To remove Donor Cover, press remove.

8. If paying by credit card click the Green "Donate" bar.mceclip5.png

9. If paying by PayPal click the Yellow "Pay with PayPal" bar. Screen_Shot_2019-06-20_at_10.24.32_am.png

Once the donation has been successfully received by Everydayhero, your receipt will be sent straight to your email address!

The processing times for a donation to appear on the fundraising page can vary, depending on the preferred payment type.

- Credit Card - donation will immediately show on the page.
- PayPal - donation can take up to 24 hours to appear.



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