How do I create a fundraising page?


To create a fundraising page for Shine Bowlathon, simply click here and select 'Sign Up'. 


If you already have an Everydayhero account -

Press "Log In" in the top right-hand corner and log in with your existing email address and password


If you don't have an Everydayhero account-

Fill in the details and create a login.
Where it says Page Title you will want to put YOUR name here. 
You will have the opportunity to create/join a team page after you have created your own individual Fundraising Page. 


Now that you have your own Fundraising Page you will need to either Create or Join a Team to activate your page. 


Under your photo, you will see two options, Create a New Team and Join an Existing Team. If your teammates have already created your team select 'Join an Existing Team' and search for your team name and select 'Join this team'


If your team has not yet been created select 'Create a new ream' and add the name of your team. 


Now that your team has been created others can join your team and your individual fundraising page is now ready to start receiving donations!


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