How to register your family for Sleep at the 'G


Important: Please only register children for whom you are the legal guardian.


  • Scroll down the page and select one of the Family Registration options
  • Enter your family team name and add your children via the 'add member' option and do not forget to add yourself to your team as well!
    Add a maximum of two children (you will need a valid email address for each; if your child does not have their own email address, please ask another family member or friend if you can use their email address for registration purposes. Please note, if you use someone else's email address they will need to send you the tickets).


  • Add yourself (legal guardian) as the primary contact


  • Complete all registration and payment details
  • You will receive an individual ticket for each person registered and a link to create a supporter page
  • Note: If your children want to do their own fundraising, you must activate each of their own fundraising pages


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